Father's Day comes near and near, have you prepare


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    Father's Day comes near and near, have you prepare

    Post  legendlamb on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:51 am

    Father's Day comes near and near, have you prepared a gift for your Dad? If not, here are 2 ways to create a special Fahter's Day Gift you should not miss:

    Collect all the photos of your father and you, then make a PowerPoint slideshow using the photo album function of PowerPoint with the one of the nice but free Father’s Day PowerPoint templates. In the PowerPoint slideshow, you can add your best wishes to your Dad, as well as the best memories that your father and you spent together. Once the slideshow is finished, you can convert the slideshow to video and then upload to YouTube to send the YouTube video link to your Dad; or you can also burn the slideshow to DVD or Blu-ray Disc so that you Dad can watch it on TV. It must be a big surprise and your father will surly treasure it up as one the best gifts you give him.

    Send your father a Father’s Day flash card: you can find many free Father’s Day flash cards by searching in Google, download them with the free flash downloader and then send them to your Dad. Of course, if your father’s iPad doesn’t support flash, you can convert the flash cards to videos to send to him. What’s more, if you know how to make a flash card, just DIY one, which will make your father happier.

    Wish you a happy Father’s Day with your Dad.

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