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    Post  forum2ku on Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:14 pm

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    We're glad to present today, finally aeBux has been launched.

    Four months ago, we've been working on the aeBux Project. And in mid-December, we started aeBux very seriously, so that on today aeBux was launched.

    - How about aeBux protection ?

    » Due to information security is the most important thing, aeBux works with the highest level of security - SSL 256-bit . We do that to be sure that our clients information will be kept protected. And we also use "strong decryption" technology when your information(s) sent to our server.

    » Our server is protected against DDOS attacks. Eg: 'Cisco Guards', it will ensure a fast and stable webserver. We will upgrade these protection in the future.

    - aeBux is attractive and unique ?

    » We create unique designs that have been done with some revisions, aeBux design done by professional. With a combined look of bright, and colorful, we are confident aeBux will attract more visitors.

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