Red Oak’s Heritage Hill Tour


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    Red Oak’s Heritage Hill Tour Empty Red Oak’s Heritage Hill Tour

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    By taking a stroll or drive along Red Oak’s historic Heritage Hill Tour and experience the community’s hallmark collection of turn of the century architecture. A wide range of architectural styles including excellent examples of Queen Anne, Georgian, Italianate, English Tudor, Colonial Revival, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style are embodied in the tour. The Heritage Hill Tour includes the Locations that were built from 1870s through 1916.
    The tour begins at the Montgomery County Courthouse which is built of red Missouri limestone in 1890. In the National Historic Preservation Register is listed the interesting building of Richardsonian Romanesque design and still has the historic interior intact. The tour ends at one of the Red Oak’s most outstanding attractions which is the Chautauqua Pavilion located in Chautauqua Park. This pavilion is the largest covered pavilion west of the Mississippi and was built in 1907. It is also listed on the National Historic Preservation Register.
    The other places of interest include places which have been restored to its original 1903 charm like the Carnegie Library, The Murphy Calendar Company building and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Depot. The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Depot also houses a WWII Memorial Museum. Montgomery County Jail, Montgomery County Courthouse, Chautauqua Pavilion, The Firehouse Restaurant, Red Oak Library, The Osborne House and The Colonel Hebard House are places that are listed on the National Historic Register.
    The Red Oak Town Village Apartments has contributed immensely to the economic development of the Red Oak. ali sharaf, the owner of the Red Oak Town Village Apartments, strives continuously for the fulfillment of his projects.

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