Multiplayer fix for Crysis 2!


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    Multiplayer fix for Crysis 2! Empty Multiplayer fix for Crysis 2!

    Post  xes1972 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:49 am

    [b][br][br]Hey I just got the game from and read about the multiplayer problem. I ran into it infact, I found this on the official Crysis website and it works! Took about 15 seconds check it out:

    The original Post From Crysis2 website
    Crysis 2 wont remember my multiplayer key [FIX!]
    New post 03 23, 2011 /05:01

    We are aware that some people are experiencing an issue with their Crysis 2 multiplayer key receiving two different errors;

    - Multiplayer key will not save and needs to be re-entered
    - "Serial number in use"

    A patch to fix issue will be made available soon but in the mean time here is an easy work around solution to both of this issues;

    1. Load Crysis 2, go to multiplayer and type in your key
    2. Navigate back to Single Player
    3. Go back into multiplayer and re-enter your key

    After completing these 3 steps your multiplayer key will be saved and you will not be required to re-enter it. If you complete these steps and it still does work post here and let us know. Please ensure carefully that you follow the steps above before reporting an issue.

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