Killzone 3: 3x the fun and 3x the experience


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    Killzone 3: 3x the fun and 3x the experience Empty Killzone 3: 3x the fun and 3x the experience

    Post  xes1972 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:15 am

    [b][br][br]I've been a big fan of Killzone since it came out on the PS2. With each game the developer has taken slow but SOLID steps in creating a strong FPS game that refuses to pull its punches. Each installment improves upon the existing and Killzone 3 doesn't disappoint. The rumors of a short campaign, blotchy storyline, etc are very overblown. Not only does Killzone 3 deliver a solid, faster paced single player campaign than the previous installment, but the Multi-Player is some of the most addictive I've experienced.

    GAMEPLAY - Single Player
    If you played Killzone 2, better yet... the KZ3 SP demo you know what to expect. I actually found the controls of the final product smoother than the demo. There was more response to the aiming and I even had to turn down my sensitivity from what I had been playing the demo at. The campaign of the game easily spans about 6-8 hours or did so for me, which is far better than the 4-5 hrs some review sites were claiming. They either rushed through the game or played it on Easy (which is no fun, you feel like a god on Easy mode) Combat is fast yet smooth with the enemy AI being quite smart in how it combats you. You can see there was a very high polish put into the Helghast AI as they will consistently take cover, blind fire and work to create flanking setups on you. If you played through Killzone 2's campaign KZ3 has a similar setup to how it progresses(cutscene, tons of combat/action, cutscene... rinse and repeat) The gameplay gets changed up consistently. You can go from ground n' pound style to suddenly on a tank turret back to ground pounding then suddenly in a mech then flying a jetpack etc. There are some rail shooter events (clearly designed for the MOVE controller support) but they actually do a great job giving you a break from being a foot soldier. Overall, the single player campaign has quite a lot to offer with plenty of variety and embracing you in a true feeling of war.

    Multiplayer - Not my strong point but the MP is actually enjoyable. If you played the KZ3 MP demo there isn't much that has changed other than new maps and some small improvements. The MP setup is the best Killzone has offered yet and might even give Call of Duty a run for its money on the PS3. While the MP might not be for everyone it is definitely worth checking out and has a lot of potential for some great competitive matches.

    Killzone is pretty much the story of the ISA and Helghast war. First Helghast invades the ISA, the ISA counter and Killzone 3 picks up right where Killzone 2 ends. Don't expect an award winning storyline here but it is present. Killzone 3 focuses this time on the ISA efforts to escape as well as the internal workings of the Helghast leaders. It provides more depth than the previous games while not being to overly chatty. Killzone 3 does a better job presenting the story than Killzone 2 did I feel, but it also brings to light the storyline is very weak. However, story was never really Killzone's main object. *** The Audio in KZ3 is fantastic. Guns sound powerful, AI units and Helghast enemies sound very life like. Ambient noise is incredible especially during firefights. You can tell they worked really hard polishing this game so that the audio effects help immerse you into the gameplay.

    I don't even have to say much here. The graphics look amazing. While they aren't jaw dropping nor give you "awe factor" like sun sets and stuff; Killzone 3 uses its powerful graphic engine to give you a very realistic feel of the battle. Snow, water, fire, gun shots.. it all looks amazing and creates stunning environments. The only negative I could say about the graphics is that when you go to a cut-scene the character textures don't look nearly as good as the weapon and level textures. But, we all know we're playing Killzone 3 for the in game action not looking at how bad Sev needs a new haircut ^_^

    As said earlier, for me the SP campaign on NORMAL clocked in at 6-8 hrs give or take. The campaign was a ton of fun and just like Killzone 2 I could see myself playing through it quite a few times to try for some trophies, or just to own some Helghast. What truely boosts the length and replay-ability of this game is the MP. I wasn't fond of KZ2's multiplayer so while KZ2 had lots of SP replay for me, it did lack that MP edge. KZ3 however comes to the table with all cylinders firing. While SP is def worth replaying, the MP is what is worth keeping this game within arms reach at all times. Even if you are not competitive(casual like me), the MP is fun with plenty of features to keep you occupied for some time.

    OVERALL (91% 9.1/A-)
    Killzone 3 didn't disappoint. It has been a long wait and well worth it. The MP is better than expected and the SP-campaign exceeded my expectations. I would give this game overall a 91% (9.1/10). The game fired on all cylinders and what small negatives I encountered were far from game breaking. The only real gripes I would take I found in the SP-campaign.
    1. The ISA voice acting wasn't really that good. There was no sense of urgency in their voices and it just felt like they were reading lines (except for Rico, Sev and Jammer they had some great voice acting, as did the Helghast)
    2. Sometimes the Objective marker would simply bug out. When I would try to tag where I had to go nothing would appear and my objectives menu would be empty (but I clearly had to destroy 2 more tanks or set a door charge somewhere). Minor annoyance
    3. Melee damaged doors to open them oddly, I would Melee the door and about a second later it would explode. Weird lag, only was happening on the interactive doors you could break.

    Outside of those 3 issues the game was pretty much a fantastic FPS that well warrants a 91% score. It delivers a solid SP campaign experience and outstanding MP setup. A MUST BUY for any FPS fan
    ** v1.03 was released 2/24/2011 this version has fixed Issue 2 and Issue 3 on my end **

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