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    Post  Admin on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:11 pm

    Dear SF Members,

    Let me start off by apologizing for the delays in payment
    and leader board updates. But rest assured your money is safe with us and will
    be dispatched soon. Knowing that the word “SOON” is not enough especially since
    it’s already the 10th of August, let me put a time frame on it.
    PAYMENTS WILL BE DISPATCHED ON OR BEFORE 15th August 2010. The Leader Board
    will be compiled ASAP so that all of you know how much you have won this month.
    Also we have received a lot of payment requests, they will be reviewed and the
    money will be dispatched soon. In case of any discrepancies with the payout
    requests, our support team will get in touch with you via E-mail to resort the

    Now to explain to you why the delay occurred in the first
    place. Most of the work on SF is done manually, from updating the leaderboard
    to communicating with our members. Since the members have been increasing exponentially,
    it’s increased the need for a proper script and security parameters to be
    installed. For this we appointed a few freelance web designers, who were unable
    to meet their deadline and eventually got FIRED.

    What we hoped for was to give you your very own private page
    with all your details that would be updated rather quickly and the leaderboard being
    LIVE so that members don’t have to keep waiting for our team to manually update
    it. A few other features were also being added for your benefit and we were
    hoping to get the script up and running before the end of last month. But
    unfortunely things didn’t work out the way we hoped and now we are on the lookout
    for a proper professional team to get the site up in running within the
    specified time.

    In all this confusion and mess, it’s our members that have
    suffered the most, for which we would like to apologize once again. The site is
    relatively new and the SF staff is new to site management. It’s been a very
    steep learning curve for us, but we are doing the best we can.

    It has been brought to my attention that a couple of
    websites we promoted have possibly gone scam. One such site is PALMBUX.COM

    Though I have been following it closely, I now see
    complaints all over the net of palmbux server not being found and people not
    being able to access their accounts. We will wait for a reliable source to
    confirm that palmbux has indeed gone scam.

    Though we are not bligated to in any way or form, we have decided to compensate members who joined with a 50C BONUS from our side just for signing up. And if
    your total clicks are above 80 (a backup of our records will show if you have been active or not) we will bump
    the bonus by 1$ EACH. We know the amount is very small, but we had
    to set a fair amount for the more than 120 members that we currently have.

    think of it as our way of saying we care. Remember SF is a platform which is aimed at helping our members make the most out of online earning opportunities, while in itself being an earning opportunity as well.

    Regarding the surprises and further bonuses, I will write about it after the leaderboard is updated.

    As of now updating the leaderboard and dispatching the payments is our number 1 priority.

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    Post  leviard on Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:20 am

    thanks admin... we know that it is very difficult from your side to keep this running on track since this a fairly new program... i guess you need more dedicated people to work with you... I believe that although our family here is still pretty small but we have great trust and hopes in here...

    and we are very thankful for what have you done so far... we surely will support you any other possible ways... just let us know... Very Happy

    im pretty proud also for being one of some active members in here... hopefully when its all done a lots more good things are coming... and im waiting very eagerly about that...

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    Post  MomOf04 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:00 am

    Hi Admin, thanks for the update!

    I was an admin assistant for a PTR website, so I know how time consuming all this can be. A couple of us have done our best to keep the forum going, but we seem to be pretty alone in here. I too hope that when things get going a bit longer, we will see a lot more activity in here.

    I am very anxiously awaiting the leader board update! Oh the anticipation!! lol

    Tami Smile

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